TRADEGATEWAYS - The Trade Digitization Token

The TRADE GATEWAYS Network Provides an Infrastructure For Trade Digitization

TRADE GATEWAYS co-operates with B2B Marketplaces with millions of subscribers...
Digital Trade is like an incoming wave. Organizations that don't embrace it, could be swept away
Digitizing Trade in Physical Goods Requires the type of infrastructure of TRADE GATEWAYS
That includes necessary facilities available via TRADE GATEWAYS at relevant Ports and warehouses
TRADE GATEWAYS provides over 300 Digital Trade Gateways across the globe
International Trade provides many challenges. From a single point, the Programme helps to:
- Get New Business And New Suppliers for Users - Facilitate Accruing Trade - Get Trade Finance

TRADE GATEWAYS Mission And the Problems That We Solve

The Trade Gateways Network is operated by Local Merchant Services, (LMS) in co-operation with significant partners. LMS have been providing Digital Trade Services since 2017. Services are centrally provided to Trade Gateways in the Network in a partnership with IBM.

The TRADE GATEWAYS Mission is to use our Digital Trade Gateways Network to help provide required infrastructure for Digitizing Trade in Physical Goods. Our network of Digital Trade Gateways across the globe, means this much needed service is something we can provide.

The TRADE GATEWAYS Programme provides the ability to address many of the challenges of International Trade in a facilitated manner from one single point. Trade Gateways in the network are analogous to Ports in a Port Network in making necessary connections from one place to another. Scroll down to see a list of Digital Trade Gateways

Benefits of The Trade Gateways

Each Trade Gateway is a branded Trade signpost to Trade Products and Services relevant to the Geographic location of the trade gateway, and delivered in co-operation with major partners and featuring at least 1 B2B Marketplace relevant to its Geographic Location. This can help provide the following Benefits.

Trade Digitization: Digitizing Trade in Physical Goods Requires the kind of infrastructure that the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme provides.

Trade Matching: TRADE GATEWAYS Users can find buyers and Sellers through participating B2B Marketplaces featured on relevant Digital Trade Gateways in the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme. This can help Sellers Expand in new Markets. It can provide Buyers with Access to Millions of Verified Supliers across Required Locations

End To End Logistics Provision: End To End Logistics Provision across the TRADE GATEWAYS Network can help address many of the challenges of Cross Border Trade. Other Services provided as below.

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance is delivered by TRADE GATEWAYS institutional partners that are introduced to users through TRADE GATEWAYS infrastructure, that uses the TRADE GATEWAYS infrastructure to help TRADE GATEWAYS users access Supply Chain Finance that might not otherwise be readily available.

Traditionally, supply chains suffer due to paper-based systems where forms pass through multiple channels to get approvals. The laborious processes involved are very time consuming increasing the risk of fraud/loss. Supply Chain Finance helps automate processes/payments.

Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is a variation in the payment terms between a buyer and seller, that either extends or shortens the timeframe that goods and services are paid for. SCF programs can provide buyers the chance to delay payment for as long as possible, while simultaneously providing suppliers with access to capital. TRADE GATEWAYS helps connect sellers to buyers and also helps faciliate SCF.

Supply Chain Network - Featuring Digital Trade Gateways That Help Pave The Way For MLETR

International Trade provides many challenges. The Adoption of MLETR can help address some of those challenges. The extensive TRADE GATEWAYS network of Digital Trade Gateways that help pave the way for MLETR, can help users address those challenges from a single point, as part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Supply Chain Network Programme, as detailed below.

The parties utilizing a TRADE GATEWAYS Digital Trade Gateway for a transaction, agree an equivalence between control of an electronic transferrable record and possession of a transferrable paper document or instrument. The reaching of such an agreement within a closed Trading Group, validates the use of an electronic transferrable record, thereby helping to pave the way for MLETR across the Trade Gateways.


World trade is the lifeblood of the global economy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to completely transform trade by automating tasks that are cumbersome and time consuming. By automating routine administrative tasks, businesses can free up procurement resources for tasks that require more attention, skill, and/or problem-solving.

Companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence in every aspect of trade. Algorithms can now go through millions of documents in seconds, looking for opportunities.

TRADE GATEWAYS provides Trade AI facilities to help facilitate trade across its Digital Trade Gateways Network in the following ways:

  • Provision of an AI Assistant chatbot
  • Provision of Translation Facilities
  • AI in International Trade Video

    Video on Supply-Chain Finance

    Video on MLETR

    Features of TRADE GATEWAYS Tokens and Overview Of Our Services

    The TRADE GATEWAYS Token is a type of utility token known as a "governance token", and is backed by TRADE GATEWAYS Assets. TRADEGATEWAYS token holders have a pro rata vote on issues as they arise, and all Token Holders are rewarded with a share of operational profits for being Token Holders. The TRADE GATEWAYS token is NOT a crypto currency.

    Not that long ago, to be a global business, you had to cover a great deal of product categories. Now, in order to be a global business, you can cover a small category in many countries across the world. We also work with TRADE GATEWAYS partners to use the extensive TRADE GATEWAYS Digital Trade Gateways Network to help facilitate this, and to provide a range of Digital Trade Services.

    Execution of Supply Chain Network Transactions via Trade Gateways

    The TRADE GATEWAYS Programme helps users to access Buyers or Sellers through an applicable B2B Marketplace. After concluding a transaction, registered users would then use a Local Digital Trade Gateway in the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme, to access a local infrastructure to execute agreed Transactions, in a faster and more secure manner.

    The TRADE GATEWAYS Network provides an Infrastructure For Trade Digitization and works with significant partners in the operation of over 300 Digital Trade Gateways