• Goerli Deprecation – Action required


TradeTrust users who wish to test their smart contracts on Polygon should use the Polygon Amoy Testnet, which is the current recommended Polygon Testnet for application development.


Deprecation of Polygon Mumbai Testnet in tandem with Ethereum Goerli Testnet

The Polygon Technologies have announced that Polygon Mumbai will be deprecated as of Q1 2024, it will be replaced by Polygon Amoy Testnet.

The new, Sepolia-anchored testnet, Polygon Amoy Testnet for Polygon PoS is being launched, a second testnet that provides a low-stakes environment to build, test, and break things

Amoy Testnet will use Ethereum’s Sepolia Testnet as the root (L1) chain. Developers deploying on Amoy can continue to count on the availability of essential validators, infra, faucets, tooling, and more, in a sustainable and future-proof environment.

The beloved and widely used Mumbai Testnet for Polygon PoS uses Ethereum’s Goerli Testnet as its root chain. This means Mumbai counts on Goerli for block production. But Goerli is currently scheduled for deprecation, by the end of Q1 2024, with major RPC providers planning to pull support. The community consensus across the Polygon ecosystem has been to deprecate Mumbai in tandem with Goerli.

Will TradeTrust be supporting two testnets for Polygon PoS?

Starting Q2 2024, only Polygon Amoy Testnets will be supported by TradeTrust framework.


Action Required

Given Polygon Mumbai testnet’s impending deprecation, TradeTrust will add support for Polygon Amoy Testnet by Q1 2024 and will deprecate Polygon Mumbai Testnet by 1 Apr 2024.

TradeTrust users who are still using Polygon Mumbai Testnet should start migrating to Polygon Amoy Testnet for testing and development, if they have not already done so, ahead of the 1 Apr 2024 timeline.

The migration will require the following actions, similar to the actions required following deprecation of Goerli testnet in 2023:

Redeploy your Document Store and Token Registry smart contracts used for testing and development onto Amoy Testnet. For more information, you can follow our guide on deploying a Document Store and deploying a Token Registry.

Update the DNS-TXT record of your domain to point to the redeployed smart contracts

Re-issue test documents onto Amoy Testnet (if applicable)

Ensure that you have sufficient Amoy test matics in your wallet for testing. To obtain Amoy test ethers, you can visit Amoy faucets such or other third-party faucets.

Additionally, please note that when maintenance and support for Polygon Mumbai Testnet ceases, any history on Polygon Mumbai Testnet will disappear. As advised, please redeploy on Polygon Amoy Testnet.

Reference: Introducing the Amoy Testnet for Polygon PoS


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