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International Trade provides many challenges. From a single point, the Programme helps to:
- Get New Business And New Suppliers For Users - Facilitate Accruing Trade - Get Trade Funding
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Digital Trade is like an incoming wave. Organizations that don't embrace it, could be swept away by it...

Digital Trade Ports

Digital Trade Ports in the DigitalTradePorts.com Programme are defined as ports where the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme can be used for End To End Logistics via TRADE GATEWAYS Logistics Providers.

Today ports are not just a transferring point between different modes of transport, but also logistics hubs that are very important in global supply chains.

Digital Trade Ports in the DigitalTradePorts.com Programme help to Facilitate Digital Trade. They include in ports for over 100 major Port Cities Digital Trade Gateways across the world, including Shanghai.Trade (the Largest Port in the world), Rotterdam.Trade (the Largest Port in Europe), Mombasa.Trade (the Largest Port in Africa), Hong-Kong.Trade, New-York.Trade etc. The Trade Gateways in question include Branded Trade Gateways for 6 of the 10 largest ports in the world, and Trade Gateways for many of the Top 100 Major Ports in the World, as below.

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

The TRADE GATEWAYS Infrastructure at Digital Trade Ports can help facilitate End-to-end supply chain visibility, from the outging port to the destination port.

As such, Digital Trade Ports users can benefit from increased transparency, accuracy, speed and efficiency in their supply chains - leading to reduced cost. They can benefit from TRADE GATEWAYS Digital Trade Services, and from Logistics Services provided by our Logistics Partners

TRADE GATEWAYS is ushering in a new era in International Trade — one where a Network of TRADE GATEWAYS Port Cities are connected and provide Local Infrastructures for Digital Trade, including co-operation with local logistic partners for the provision of Logistics Services needed to facilitate Digital Trade.

TRADE GATEWAYS is providing innovative digital supply chain services that leverage the power of the TRADE GATEWAYS Digital Trade Ports

Digitizing Supply-Chain.Finance

Nearly 80 percent of the $100 trillion global trade market is based on some form of Finance or guarantee. Yet operational risk and high costs prevent financial institutions from providing Supply-Chain Finance to many of their SME clients. The resulting lack of credit impedes growth.

TRADE GATEWAYS can help with this. When your organization/institution joins the most extensive Port Cities TRADE GATEWAYS sites network, you will be able to automate manual verification processes, drive transparency, simplify compliance and streamline financial processing and settlement. Outdated, disparate trade finance systems and paper-intense processes require substantial manual effort; this drives up costs, creates friction and causes delays.

The TRADE GATEWAYS platform covers all actors involved in the end-to-end lifecycle of a transaction, ensuring each party has permissioned access to relevant digitized documentation and data. This significantly reduces both costs and operational overheads


Transaction visibility: Global Trade and Trade Finance is a paper-intensive industry. Documents travel with their cargo from port to port, where they are checked, signed and faxed to all parties involved in the transaction. In spite of the degree of interaction, each party in the transaction has very little visibility.

Increase security and transparency: Eliminate the risk of lost documents, forgeries, delays and charges

Streamline your processes: Increase efficiency and assure business requirements are met

Reduce Costs: Reduce the cost and time of printing documents

Access a Digital Trade Ecosystem: As part of the world’s most extensive TRADE GATEWAYS network, End-To-End Logistics can be accessed within a Digital Trade Framework. Get beyond inefficient, manual, paper based processes for Trade and Trade Finance...

Port City TRADE GATEWAYS include:


a port in Côte d'Ivoire, on the Gulf of Guinea. Pop: 3 516 000


the capital of Ghana, a port on the Gulf of Guinea. Pop: 1 970 000


the chief port of Egypt, on the Nile Delta. Pop: 3 760 000


the capital of Algeria, an ancient port on the Mediterranean; until 1830 a centre of piracy. Pop: 3 260 000


the chief port of New Zealand, in the northern part of North Island: former capital of New Zealand. Pop: 450 300


a port in N Maryland, USA, on Chesapeake Bay. Pop: 628 670


the capital and chief port of Thailand, on the Chao Phraya River. Pop: 6 604 000


a port in SE Iraq, on the Shatt-al-Arab. Pop: 1 187 000


a port in N Libya, on the Gulf of Sidra. Pop: 1 080 500


a port in SW Norway: chief city in medieval times. Pop: 237 430


a port in N Spain, on the Bay of Biscay: the largest city in the Basque Provinces: famous for the production of iron and steel goods Pop: 353 567


a port in N France, on the English Channel. Pop: 45 036


a port and industrial city in SW England, on the River Avon seven miles from its mouth on the Bristol Channel: Pop: 420 556


a port in SE South Korea, on the Korea Strait: the second largest city and chief port of the country; industrial centre. Pop: 3 527 000


a port in W Peru, near Lima, on Callao Bay: chief import centre of Peru. Pop: 813 264


the legislative capital of South Africa and capital of Western Cape province, situated in the southwest on Table Bay: founded in 1652, the first White settlement in southern Africa; important port. Pop: 3 740 026


a port in the Philippines, on E Cebu island. Pop: 796 000


the capital of Guinea, a port on the island of Tombo. Pop: 1 465 000


the capital and chief port of Senegal, on the SE side of Cape Verde peninsula. Pop: 2 313 000

a port in E South Africa, in E KwaZulu/Natal province on the Indian Ocean: resort and industrial centre, with oil refineries, shipbuilding yards, etc. Pop: 595 061


The Port of Felixstowe, in Felixstowe, Suffolk, is the United Kingdom's busiest container port, dealing with 48% of Britain's containerised trade. In 2017, it was ranked as 43rd busiest container port in the world and 8th in Europe, with a handled traffic of 3.85 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU)


a port in SW Sweden, at the mouth of the Göta River: the largest port and second largest city in the country; Pop: 481 523


Tokyo is the capital of Japan, a port on SE Honshu on Tokyo Bay (an inlet of the Pacific): part of the largest conurbation in the world (the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area) of over 35 million people; major industrial centre and the chief cultural centre of Japan. Pop (city): 8 025 538


a port in W Ecuador: the largest city in the country and its chief port. Pop: 2 387 000


the capital of Finland, a port in the south on the Gulf of Finland. Pop: 559 330


a port in NE Florida: the leading commercial centre of the southeast. Pop: 773 781


a port in W Saudi Arabia, on the Red Sea: the diplomatic capital of the country. Pop: 3 807 000


a port in S Pakistan, on the Arabian Sea: chief port: commercial and industrial centre. Pop: 11 819 000


the capital and chief port of Jamaica, on the SE coast. Pop: 574 000


a port in E India, capital of West Bengal state, on the Hooghly River: former capital of the country, major commercial and industrial centre. Pop: 4 580 544


the capital of Kuwait: a port on the Persian Gulf. Pop: 1 225 000


the former capital and chief port of Nigeria, on the Bight of Benin. Pop: 20 135 000


the chief seaport of Venezuela, on the Caribbean. Pop: 26 669


the capital and chief port of Portugal, in the southwest on the Tagus estuary: Pop: 1 892 891


city in NW England,on the Mersey estuary: one of the largest seaports in Great Britain Pop: 469 017


city in SW California, on the Pacific: the second largest city in the US, having absorbed many adjacent townships; industrial centre and port. Pop: 3 819 951


the capital of Angola, a port in the west, on the Atlantic: oil refining. Pop: 2 839 000


a port in N Brazil, capital of Amazonas state, on the Rio Negro 19 km (12 miles) above its confluence with the Amazon: chief commercial centre of the Amazon basin. Pop: 1 673 000


the capital and chief port of Mozambique, in the south on Delagoa Bay: the nearest port to the Rand gold-mining and industrial region of South Africa. Pop: 1 316 000


a port in SE France, on the Gulf of Lions: second largest city in the country and a major port. Pop: 860 363


port in SE Australia, capital of Victoria, on Port Phillip Bay: the second largest city in the country. Pop: 4 246 345


Mersin is a large city and port on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey. It is the provincial capital of the Mersin Province. Population: 1.9 million


Largest Port in Africa. A port in S Kenya, on a coral island in a bay of the Indian Ocean: the chief port for Kenya, Uganda, and NE Tanzania. Pop: 828 000


the capital and chief port of Uruguay, in the south on the Río de la Plata estuary: the largest city in the country. Pop: 1 378 707


a port in SW Italy, capital of Campania region, on the Bay of Naples: the third largest city in the country; Pop: 1 004 500


a port in SE Louisiana, on the Mississippi River, about 172 km (107 miles) from the sea: the largest city in the state and the second most important port in the US; a major commercial, industrial, and transportation centre. Pop: 469 032


city in SE New York State, at the mouth of the Hudson River: the largest city and chief port of the US; the country's leading commercial and industrial city. Pop: 8 085 742


The Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan is the busiest port in the world in terms of cargo tonnage. The port is located in Ningbo and Zhoushan, on the coast of the East China Sea, in Zhejiang province on the southeast end of Hangzhou Bay, across which it faces the municipality of Shanghai.


a port and resort in NW Belgium, in West Flanders on the North Sea. Pop: 68 273


the capital of Cambodia, a port in the south at the confluence of the Mekong and Tonle Sap Rivers: capital of the country Pop: 1 174 000


a port in SE Greece, adjoining Athens: the country's chief port; founded as the port of Athens. Pop: 181 933


a port in S South Africa, on Algoa Bay: motor-vehicle manufacture, fruit canning; Pop: 312 392


an inland port in NW Oregon, on the Willamette River: the largest city in the state; shipbuilding and chemical industries. Pop: 538 544


the capital and chief port of Mauritius, on the NW coast on the Indian Ocean. Pop: 146 876


a port at the easternmost point of Brazil on the Atlantic: capital of Pernambuco state; built partly on an island, with many waterways and bridges. Pop: 3 527 000


a port in SE Brazil, on Guanabara Bay: the country's chief port and former capital. Pop: 11 469 000


a port in the SW Netherlands, in South Holland province: the second largest city of the Netherlands and one of the world's largest ports. Pop: 600 000


port in S California, on the Pacific. Pop: 1 266 753


port in W California, situated around the Golden Gate; a major commercial centre and one of the world's finest harbours. Pop: 751 682


the capital and chief port of Puerto Rico, on the NE coast; manufacturing centre. Pop: 433 733


the capital and chief port of the Dominican Republic, on the S coast. Pop: 1 920 000


a port in Washington, on the isthmus between Lake Washington and Puget Sound: the largest city in the state and chief commercial centre of the Northwest; Pop: 569 101


Shanghai is the largest port in the world, It is located on the southern estuary of the Yangtze River. The population of the city proper is the third most populous in the world, with 24.89 million inhabitants in 2021, while the urban area is the most populous in China with 39,300,000 residents.


Singapore Island is the main constituent island of the sovereign island country and city-state of the Republic of Singapore. The Port of Singapore is also the second largest port in the world. The majority of ships that pass between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean go through the Singapore Strait.


the chief port of Ghana, in the southwest on the Gulf of Guinea: 335 000


Port and resort in W Florida, on Tampa Bay (an arm of the Gulf of Mexico). Pop: 317 647


the capital and chief port of Tunisia, in the northeast on the Gulf of Tunis (an inlet of the Mediterranean). Pop: 2 063 000


the chief port of Mexico, in Veracruz state on the Gulf of Mexico. Pop: 410 000


a port in NW Spain, in Galicia on Vigo Bay (an inlet of the Atlantic. Pop: 292 566


a port in E India, in NE Andhra Pradesh on the Bay of Bengal: shipbuilding and oil-refining industries. Pop: 969 608


the largest city and chief port of Myanmar, an industrial city and transport centre. Pop: 4 082 000


a port in central Japan, on SE Honshu on Tokyo Bay: a major port and the country's second largest city situated in the largest and most populous industrial region of Japan. Pop: 3 433 612

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