Listing Industry Vertical Sites that are Integrated into the TRADE GATEWAYS Network

The TRADE GATEWAYS Network features Over 300 Digital Trade Gateways Globally

The Industry Vertical Sites act as Platforms for individual industries which help to:
- Get New Business And New Suppliers For Users - Facilitate Accruing Trade - Get Trade Funding


The Trade Gateways Network is operated by Local Merchant Services, (LMS) in co-operation with significant partners. LMS have been providing Digital Trade Services since 2017. Services are centrally provided to Trade Gateways in the Network in a partnership with IBM.

The TRADE GATEWAYS vision is detailed above and needs collaboration. Because the Digital Trade Gateways within the TRADE GATEWAYS network have a very extensive reach, and because they are wholly owned TRADE GATEWAYS, and because we have developed a comprehensive Digital Trade Infrastructure for use by the Trade Gateways, much of the needed collaboration is across our own Network.

The TRADE GATEWAYS Programme provides the ability to address many of the challenges of International Trade in a facilitated manner from one single point. Trade Gateways in the network are analogous to Ports in a Port Network in making necessary connections from one place to another. Scroll down to see a list of Digital Trade Gateways

Verticals.Trade is integated in the TRADE GATEWAYS network of over 300 Digital Trade Gateways Globally

Verticals.Trade features Industry Verticals Platforms operated from prime locations for their relevant industry on the Internet. An industry vertical is a grouping of customers by industry to offer products and services that meet industry specific needs

Flexible Reciprocal-Trade is facilitated across the Network. Featured Reciprocal Trade suppliers are featured on relevant Industry Verticals to offer products across the TRADE GATEWAYS network. In return, they agree to consider procurement from other suppliers in the network, subject to their specific requirements. Sellers entering into an Flexible Reciprocal-Trade arrangement, can use the TRADE GATEWAYS Network to sell the goods they purchase.

As Verticals.Trade is integated in over 300 Digital Trade Gateways globally as listed above,it can help Featured suppliers reach their target markets. Featured Suppliers can also be matched with Buyers.

How it works For Featured Suppliers

Flexible Reciprocal Trade Suppliers are featured on the TRADE GATEWAYS network as suppliers on the Industry specific vertical Digital Trade Gateways relevant to their products. This will help reach target markets at scale at no cost, with the only requirement being that they reciprocate by considering offers to supply them with their own procurement requirements from qualified suppliers in the TRADE GATEWAYS network.

Featured suppliers and their products are featured at Prime Generic Domains For their Products. An example can be seen below, for the creation of Trade Blockchains, using Blockchans as a Service. The featured generic domain is Location, location, location, is extremely important on the Internet, as in the physical world.



Featured Supplier: IBM

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Automobiles.Trade is the TRADE GATEWAYS Undustrial Vertical Site Featuring a B2B Marketplace operated by TradeKey, one of our B2B Marketplace Partners

IBM are an industry Leader. Please click on the IBM text above to purchase IBM products, or for information on how to become a Representative, Distributor,or Reseller.

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