Provided Across the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme and helping to:
Create A Digital Trade Super Highway And Pave the way for MLETR
Get New Business And New Suppliers For Users - Facilitate Accruing Trade - Get Trade Funding
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Digital Trade across the TRADE GATEWAYS Digital Trade Gateways Network is facilitated by our e-Trade Products which include the faciliation of equivalence for Electronic Trade Documentation. )ur e-Trade Products also facilitate the generation and utilization of electronic Bills of lading which act as a receipt for shipment, and vidence of the contract between carrier and seller.

Digital Trade Features across our Trade Gateways help pave the way for MLETR meaning:

  • Document creation is completely electronic
  • Approval of the documents happens via digital channels
  • Communications with Finance Institutions is electronic
  • Digitial Transmission of documents across the supply chain

    Our Digital Trade Gateways and e-Trade Products help use Stablecoins to facilitatate Supply-Chain Finance and a Supply-Chain Network for our clients. More information about Stablecoins and our products below

  • About Stablecoins

    Stablecoins are blockchain-powered payment tokens that, combine the benefits of borderless blockchain payments, with the price stability of traditional fiat currencies.

    Stablecoins operate on a distributed blockchain network that enables anyone with an internet connection to send value across the globe within minutes. To provide price stability, stablecoins are typically backed by fiat currency held in reserve for each issued stablecoin token.

    Why use Stablecoins via the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme

    Operating stablecoin infrastructure is time-consuming, costly, and challenging. Using Stablecoins via the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme removes the complexity and manages the stablecoins use. Stablecoins can provide major Benefits for users. More information below, about how stablecoins can be used across the TRADE GATEWAYS Prohramme


    Supply-Chain.Finance is a TRADE GATEWAYS Product featuring a major Stablecoins Partner in the provision of Stablecoins to the Programme.

    Stablecoins can be a gamechanger in Digital Trade and Trade Finance, as they greatly facilitate Smart Contracts. Proof of ownership can be easily verified and fully transparent. Ownership can also be easily transferred on conclusion of a transaction. Stablecoins can be utilized to facilitate the TRADE GATEWAYS Supply-Chain.Finance Programme.

    Supply-Chain Finance (SCF) is a variation in the payment terms between a buyer and seller, that either extends or shortens the timeframe that goods and services are paid for. SCF programs can provide buyers the chance to delay payment for as long as possible, while simultaneously providing suppliers with capital via SCF.

    TRADE GATEWAYS is helping to establish a new paradigm whereby it helps connect sellers to buyers and provides those sellers the ability to offer buyers extended payment terms while getting paid immediately


    Supply-Chain.Network is a TRADE GATEWAYS Product that helps enhance Supply Chains.

    The Digital Trade Gateways in the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme can help leverage the development of a basic supply chain into a more complex structure involving a higher level of connectivity with current and new Trading Partners across different regions.

    Buyers can automate the entire procurement process from source to settle, while making savings, and getting better payment terms.

    Sellers can connect with buyers, simplify the sales cycle,offer better payment terms, and improve cash flow.

    TRADE GATEWAYS e-Trade Products help to automate Supply Chain Networks and integrate Logistics, making them more efficient than the simple supply chains of the past.

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    Some Trade Gateways In the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme