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Regional Trade Gateways and main TRADE GATEWAYS Programmes
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The Trade Gateways Network is operated by Local Merchant Services, (LMS) in co-operation with significant partners. LMS have been providing Local Merchant Services since 2017. Services are centrally provided to Trade Gateways in the Network by a partnership with IBM.

There are over 250 Local Digital Trade Gateways within the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme. Brexit.Trade is a wholly owned TRADE GATEWAYS B2B Marketplace, connecting UK Buyers and Sellers, with companies in countries that the UK has a Post Brexit Trade deal with.

After concluding a transaction at Brexit.Trade, the Digital Trade Features at Local Trade Gateways that are part of the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme, to access a local infrastructure to execute agreed Transactions, in a faster and more secure manner.

About Stablecoins

Stablecoins are blockchain-powered digital currencies that combine the benefits of open, borderless cryptocurrency with the price stability of traditional fiat currencies.

Stablecoins operate on a distributed blockchain network that enables anyone with an internet connection to send value across the globe within minutes. To provide price stability, stablecoins are typically backed by fiat currency held in reserve for each issued stablecoin token.

Utilization Of Stablecoins in the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme

  • Facilitating Blockchain Letters Of Credit

  • Facilitating Trade Finance Provision

  • Facilitating International Payments And Remittances
  • Stablecoins As a Game Changer

    Stablecoins can be a gamechanger in Digital Trade and Trade Finance, as they greatly facilitate Smart Contracts. Proof of ownership can be easily verified and fully transparent. Ownership can also be easily transferred on conclusion of a transaction. Firms can also make use of an escrow feature using smart contracts and programing the release of funds for when certain conditions are met. The adoption of stable coins has increased exponentially.

    The yield benefit of stablecoins

    In addition to the higher convenience and efficiency of using a non-volatile currency-pegged stablecoin to transact value internationally, stablecoins can also attract some of the highest interest yields in the market, from Prime Covenants. This can be achieved by investors using their stablecoins to participate in Supply Chain Finance Programmes. Businesses can also choose to invest their stablecoin in Supply Chain Finance Programmes and receive inflation beating yields. The TRADE GATEWAYS Network provides such opportunities This can also be seen as a cash flow and optimising opportunity for clever business managers

    Stablecoins.Trade generates Haven Assets

    Stablecoins Partners can acquire USD Stablecoins from Circle for US dollars and redeem those Stablecoins from Circle for US dollars. These Stablecoins would be owned by the Stablecoin Partners and held by them in their own accounts, but they can also be used in the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme, and managed for them by Circle.

    Stablecoins Partners can either become a main TRADE GATEWAYS Partner and provide Stablecoins for main Trade Gateways Programmes, or Stablecoin Partners for individual Trade Gateways, so they could become Hong-Kong.Trade Partners, Brussels.Trade Partners, etc. Further Examples below. A complete List of Trade Gateways is available.

    Operating stablecoin infrastructure is time-consuming, costly, and challenging. Using Stablecoins via the TRADE GATEWAYS Programme removes the complexity, and manages the stablecoins use. Stablecoins can provide major Benefits for users. Stablecoin Partners can choose to support Digital Trade Gateways in regions they are interested in.

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    Stablecoin Partner Opportunities

    Secure Stablecoins Provider Opportunities are available for Regional Trade Gateways including those as detailed below:

    Birmingham is an important manufacturing and engineering centre

    Brussels is the capital of the EU, and has a robust economy

    A major bank in Cambodia is expected to provide Trade Finance across the Programme

    Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city

    Japan is the third-largest economy in the world by nominal GDP.Tokyo is the capital of Japan. Greater Tokyo is the region in which Tokyo is situated

    Hong-Kong is a major centre for international trade and finance

    Economic growth in Manchester in 2021 was the second highest of 30 major European cities

    Nashville has the third fastest growing metropolitan economy in the United States

    Delhi is India's capital and largest commercial centre in northern India

    New York is a global hub of business and commerce and an established safe haven for global investors

    New-Zealand has one of the most globalised economies in the world,and depends greatly on international trade

    Perth is the capital and largest city of the state of Western Australia

    South Africa is Africa’s second largest Economy

    South Carolina is the only US State to have a Trade Deal with the UK

    South Korea has the 10th largest economy in the world

    Saudi Arabia has the largest economy in the Middle East

    Tel Aviv is the driving force of Israel’s post-industrial economy