TRADE GATEWAYS Marketing and Distribution is carried out through Significant Industry Partners. However, TRADE GATEWAYS also have an Experienced Management, Administrative, and Technical Team including Management Personnel Below:

Jeanette Friedrich

Jeanette’s career covers both private enterprise and corporate companies . Jeanette’s experience includes developing and managing customer relations , and successful negotiations skills with corporate clients. Jeanette’s specialty is working to budgets and achieving successful outcomes. She has administered many TRADE GATEWAYS Projects.

Leonie Mirmikidis

Leonie has had a career in creating and marketing concepts for private and corporate companies from the initial idea to the fruition of the project. Throughout her career she has always applied to each of segment of her career the principles of fairness, social consciousness and ethical values

Stratis Camatsos

Stratis is a qualified attorney  in New York, and in England and Wales. He holds two degrees in European law and US Law. As a Philantropreneur he developed the business incorporating organic, quality and social responsibility by a program to reverse the effects of deforestation and its effect on climate change.

His business philosophy encompass the ideals of honesty, trust, ethics, accountability , inclusion in a work environment where everyone thrives and adaptation to embrace change and providing a forward looking agenda

Ray Sibashis 

Ray has significant experience over the last 15 years in developing and managing Supply Chains

Rick Schultheis

Rick is a qualified Accountant and was previously a Group Development Director with the Hilton Group. He has extensive experience as a sales director internationally. Rick has substantial skills in business planning, setting and executing sales targets and achieving results.  Rick has been with Trade Gateways since inception and has co-ordinated many Trade Gateways business development projects.

Oluwatosin Richard Bex-Banjo

He studied for a degree in Finance at the University of East London. He was a Commodity Trader and Sovereign Debt Instruments Trader in the City of London. He has written several papers on Blockchains Business Strategies. He has also been involved with innovative trade financing and parallel trading programmes. He has advised many organizations on their utilization of the Internet to enhance their supply chains.